The NEST360; (FCC) viz Bill and Melinda Gates, and (CIFF) courtesy visit to the Chief Medical Director of LUTH

The NEST360 ( Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies) team from USA, UK, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Nigeria; and the members of the NEST 360 Funders Coordinating Committee (FCC) viz Bill and Melinda Gates, the ELMA Philanthropies and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation(CIFF) paid a courtesy visit to the Chief Medical Director of LUTH , Prof Chris Bode during the site visit on Tues 8th November 2022.

Nurse Ndidi Enuwa Retires

NEST360 is an international alliance supporting governments to end preventable newborn deaths in African hospitals via distribution of affordable newborn devices, trainings for clinicians and biomedical engineers and utilizing quality data for action. At LUTH that is one of the pilot sites in Nigeria, NEST360 donated radiant warmers, phototherapy machines, bubble CPAP respiratory support , suction machines, oxygen concentrators, glucometers, oxygen splitters, pulse oximeters for quality neonatal care. Furthermore, NEST 360 equipped a technical skills lab and a clinical skills lab for preservice and in service trainings of clinicians, nurses and biomeds. The team was led by Prof Chinyere Ezeaka, Consultant Paediatrician, Neonatology Unit CMUL/LUTH who is the national Clinical Lead, NEST360 Program, Nigeria.